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Practically oriented university research

Your team is working under pressure on a complex task and requires support. Support in the form of additional research, calculations, surveys, observations, assessments.

You are looking for a quick reaction force that rapidly incorporates into different subjects and delivers timely support.

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Behavioral aspects on placing orders

Development of brand identity

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Market research

You want to know how competitors have finalized their projects successfully. You wish to have more information about crucial motives of your customers. You want to measure awareness, emotions, motivations, attitudes or acceptance. How to identify barriers to purchase your potential clients might have.

We do research for you in international journals, international databases or do surveys or observations. Additionally, we offer fieldwork and/or experimental research in order to generate primary data.

All relevant instruments of qualitative and quantitative market research are available.

Market research instruments in a nutshell (PDF)


Trial and error is an effective way of learning. Time not always permits it. The opportunities can often increase when in time you solicit an external sparring partner. Practitioners need theories and knowledge about best practice to deal with complexity and to find the right starting points for effective action.

Benefit from experiences with different organizations in various projects.

Overview of our consulting offer (PDF)


You have not enough time to research, select and work yourself through the most recent publications. 

Save your time, it is my pleasure to do this for you.

You wish for current information about business or social issues, and to have them presented in a comprehensible way.


Workshop content will be designed to specifically tailor to your exact needs and organizational specificities. In the development of the workshops we combine the latest scientific knowledge with best practice and share our first-hand knowledge.

If you wish for a larger number of participants, our team can arrange that for you rapidly.

Expert opinion

You wish to have a neutral assessment from an external evaluator of an university before you make your decision about expensive investments. Maybe you want to listen to a third point of view before you make your move.

Use the neutral assessment of an external evaluator of an university.

It may be about matters like estimate of market potential. product acceptance analysis, prognosis, scenario analysis or comparative considerations.

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